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Even if you are an experienced content writer or just another Internet roamer, we all are breathing in an eon of word counts.

From prolonged document constraints to social media character restrictions, if you are in love with writing innumerable words, then you've been working with word counts, even if you are aware of it or not.

What Is A Word Counter?

Word counter is a breathtaking tool that we have created to assist you in calculating and counting the actual characters of your written stuff.

This tool is explicitly developed to deliver precise outcomes and inform you how short or long your content is.

This free online word calculator is more than only a tool for presenting your written content's number of characters and words. It indicates that you can fully rely on this tool to assist you in your content-related assignments, even if you are a content writer, a teacher, a student, a social media searcher, or an online entrepreneur.

Why Is Word Counter Tool Important?

If you are questioning why you should opt for a free online Word calculator, count your content's characters manually. Before you get to several lines, you will recognize that the exercise is relatively complex, if not practically infuriating.

Moreover, who wants to waste time counting a prolonged document while you can get assistance from a tool like wowcount word calculator?

Choose our online word counter tool and count the number of words in your document. Our tool is a mini word count computer that delivers outcomes in a flash.

How Word Counter Tool Works?

Our Free online Word Counter has an intuitive and easily manageable UI. While it is modern enough to deliver magical results, it is friendly to use.

All you need to do is tap on the and paste your content in the field provided, and the word calculator will run the scan and display the results in a flash.

You also have the choice to upload your text from your hard drive or your smartphone. Furthermore, there is also the feature to upload content from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Why Our Word Counter Tool Is Best?

Several text checkers are available, though our word counter tool is highly optimized and exceptional.

Besides its interactive interface and expediency of usage, Word Checker by is packed with wonderful features you barely get from other similar word calculators online.

The tool doesn't only show you the number of words, but also:

  • It shows you "Count Letter Figures," covering total characters, total words, with and without space.

  • It shows you the "Top Keyword Density" for the first, second, and third words.

  • It shows you "Additional Count Letter figures" comprising the number of sentences, number of unique words, average sentence length, average word length, number of paragraphs, etc.

  • It shows you the "Length Statistics" comprising the number of long and short words, prolonged sentences, etc.

  • By all these exclusive functionalities, this Word Count tool is more than only your traditional word counter; it's a wide-ranging, up-to-the-minute textual content metrics scrutinizer.